2014 Photos added

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Sawbones 2014

September 10-14

2014 Photos added

Things are buzzing around the crew, getting ready for 2014 races.

Crew is ready for another year of racing. Preparation has began!

Reno update information

March 2014
Hello Racers! The Races Are On!!! Just an update from our last RARA meeting: -We’ve secured $650,000 in prize money and 80% commitment on another $100,000! -All prize money stays with the Unlimiteds. And we need 21 planes! -21st place will be $10,000 and will go up from there. -The % of T-Shirt sales will go away. -Golf Carts are still up in the air. -We’re called the Unlimiteds, no more Warbird Race Class title. We’re the fastest 21!!! Just like it used to be!!! So there’s the latest and greatest. Come on back and let’s go racing!